Appeals Court

Appeals court

Our firm has represented clients in the Indiana Court of Appeals, the Indiana Supreme Court, and before administrative boards for several years. We have filed briefs and presented oral arguments in the appellate courts and can assist you in civil and criminal cases that need to be appealed are have been appeal by opposing parties.

We have filed briefs in direct appeals after final judgments and have requested certification of interlocutory orders and filed interlocutory appeals when some of the issues in a case have been decided before a court has entered final judgments.

We have raised various issues for our clients in the appellate courts, including constitutional questions and questions involving contract law, real estate, agency, domestic relations, parenting rights and responsibilities, negligence, damages, business entity issues, estates, will contests, and liability in a worker's compensation case.

Our firm has represented criminal defendants on appeal, raising constitutional issues as well as substantive and procedural issues in both felony and misdemeanor cases.